Gas-plants trial defence attacks Crown ‘expert’ | Ontario | News

Gas-plants trial defence attacks Crown ‘expert’ | Ontario | News


The defence at the gas-plants trial in Toronto is attacking the designation of a key Crown witness as an “expert.”

The defence argues the former police officer is simply not independent or impartial, so should not be allowed to give opinion evidence.

Police hired their ex-colleague as they investigated deletion of emails about the Liberal government’s cancellation of gas-plants ahead of the Ontario election in 2011

The defence notes many people have IT expertise, and police had no reason to involve a former officer in every aspect of the probe.

The Crown has warned that if the ex-cop isn’t designated an expert witness, there will be “consequences” for its case.

Two top aides to former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty have pleaded not guilty to the illegal destruction of the documents.  

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