Defence attacks bias of essential ‘expert’ Crown witness at fuel-vegetation trial

TORONTO — The defence at the fuel-vegetation trial in Toronto is attacking the designation of a essential Crown witness as an “expert.”

The defence argues the previous law enforcement officer is merely not unbiased or impartial, so really should not be allowed to give impression evidence.

Law enforcement employed their ex-colleague as they investigated deletion of email messages about the Liberal government’s cancellation of fuel-vegetation forward of the Ontario election in 2011

The defence notes a lot of men and women have IT expertise, and law enforcement had no purpose to include a previous officer in just about every aspect of the probe.

The Crown has warned that if the ex-cop is not designated an professional witness, there will be “consequences” for its case.

Two top aides to previous Ontario leading Dalton McGuinty have pleaded not responsible to the unlawful destruction of the files.

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