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CHARLOTTESVILLE — Michael Signer, the Jewish mayor of Charlottesville, has a single detail in widespread with the white supremacists who descended on his southern Virginia metropolis around the weekend: He also opposed the elimination of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Of study course, Signer’s causes for preserving the statue would have appalled the supremacists: He agreed with area African-American activists who had argued that preserving the statue was a indicates of training Virginians about the horrors of a “dishonorable” result in, the Confederacy.

Signer was on the shedding aspect of a 3-2 City Council final decision, and the statue is now slated for elimination. But his thoughtful technique, extra common of an tutorial than a politician, has also been obvious in his counsel during the rash of protests that have plagued this metropolis: “Don’t consider the bait,” he has said.

In supplying that information, Signer has famous that for the to start with time in his existence, he has been the concentrate on of powerful baiting as a Jew.

“I can’t see the world by means of a black person’s eyes,” he said at a June 13 address at an African-American church, wherever he urged constituents not to give in to the impulse to counter hatred with hatred.

“I can see it by means of a Jewish person’s eyes the KKK hates Jews just as substantially as they hate black folks. The stuff with this group on-line about Jews is unbelievable, bloodcurdling. The stuff I have gotten on my cellular phone at my property, you’d imagine it was performed a hundred a long time back.”

Signer, 44, a training law firm in Charlottesville, also lectures on politics and leadership at the University of Virginia, his legislation university alma mater. His wife, Emily Blout, is an Iran scholar at the same college, which is found here.

An Arlington indigenous, Signer is the youngster of journalists, but in his author’s autobiography seems like quite a few other younger liberal Jews who be aware with delight their grandparents’ operating course and mental roots:

“My grandfather was a Jeep mechanic for the Army on the European front in Globe War II and lifetime member of the proofreaders’ union at the New York Times he missing section of a finger in an industrial incident as a young person,” he wrote. “My grandmother organized seamstresses on her manufacturing unit floor in New York City and later on labored as a secretary to Hannah Arendt at the New College.”

In a January speech declaring Charlottesville “a funds of the resistance,” Signer described his grandfather as a “Jewish kid lifted in the Bronx” who was “part of the forces that liberated the world from Nazism and fascism, that laid the groundwork for NATO and the Marshall System, and for a nation that lived up to the claims of the Statue of Liberty.”

“If he ended up alive suitable now, I do not imagine I could seem him in the facial area and say Grandpa, I didn’t combat for the values you fought for,” he said.

Just before getting to be mayor, Signer was known the two for his activism in the senior reaches of the Democratic Get together — he was national safety adviser for John Edwards’ 2008 major campaign — as effectively as his abilities on a matter that has received substantially attention lately: demagoguery. His 2009 e-book, “Demagogue: the Combat to Conserve Democracy from its Worst Enemies,” was effectively received.

The e-book examines prosperous demagogues remaining and suitable: Sen. Joe McCarthy, the 1950s anti-communist firebrand who plagued the American discourse and Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan strongman and leftist, the two arrive under scrutiny. In December  2015, before the presidential primaries, Signer predicted that Donald Trump could come to be a “singular menace to our Republic.”

Paraphrasing James Fenimore Cooper, Signer wrote then that Trump satisfied all 4 standards of an American demagogue: “they posture as gentlemen of the widespread folks they induce waves of effective emotion they manipulate this emotion for political advantage and they threaten or crack founded concepts of governance.”

With out indicating “I told you so” outright, Signer this weekend squarely blamed Trump for stoking the populist white nationalist fervor that culminated in the violence that took the existence of a single counter-protester, hurt dozens of others and led to the demise of two condition troopers in a helicopter crash. The rally included Nazi flags, chants of “Jews will not exchange us,” and shouts of “Jew” each time a speaker stated Signer’s identify.

“Look at the campaign he ran,” the mayor said on CNN.

Signer elaborated on NBC’s “Meet the Push,” indicating of Trump, “I imagine they created a alternative in that campaign, a pretty regrettable a single, to actually go to people’s prejudices, to go to the gutter.”

Signer’s tactic has been to arrange countering occasions that rejoice Charlottesville’s variety, prompting Mark Pitcavage, the senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Heart on Extremism, to say on Twitter that Signer “gets it.”

Talking in May perhaps on “State of Perception,” a radio clearly show produced by the Interfaith Alliance, Signer said it was extra effective to emphasis on the sufferer than the perpetrator.

“You’re attempting to relieve the suffering of anyone who’s been troubled somewhat than emphasis on the harasser,” he said.

He also described the unfamiliar sensation of staying in the position of the troubled, barraged as he was with on-line assaults from anti-Semites as the Lee statue concern was set before the council.  One tweet, from the account of anyone calling them selves Good Patriot Trump, read: “I scent Jew. If so, you are heading back to Israel. But you will not continue to be in electricity here. Not for extended.”

“The wave of anti-Semitic attacks I have noticed in the last 7 days, it is been a new practical experience for me, I have hardly ever noticed that before,” Signer said.

“Some of the nightmare historical tropes I imagined had been retired just after Globe War II” had returned as “more disturbing mashups of politics today and antisemitism.”

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