General drug use has reduced in countries wherever hashish is authorized – specialist

11 August, 11:38 AM

Even though a high-profile scenario is underneath way at the Pretoria Superior Courtroom relating to the legalisation of marijuana, we spoke to a couple global industry experts at the Drug Plan Week conference to get their views on this controversial topic.

Dr. Raquel Peyraube, Clinical Director of ICEERS and Advisor to the Institute of Regulation and Regulate of Cannabis in Uruguay, argues that decriminalisation of drug use and trade is inescapable.

Peyraube claims that decriminalisation of hashish in Uruguay has, as indicated by nationwide census stats, led to a regular lessen in the amount of people employing hashish and other medicines. She also stated that it has reduced the quantities of people employing cocaine-primarily based medicines since regulation meant that people did not require to go to drug dealers, wherever other medicines are accessible, to get their hashish.

“It is not true…that hashish is the gateway to other medicines. The gateway to medicines is dealers,” claims Peyraube.

“The worst legalisation is much better than the finest prohibition.”

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