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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A variety of area municipalities have been conducting spraying functions to knock down mosquito populations. But an skilled states that, for initiatives to be most effective, mosquito handle should start out at house.

“So suitable now, we’re suitable at the peak time,” claimed Dina Fonseca, Director of the Centre for Vector Biology at Rutgers University.

She states our residences and yards offer outstanding nurseries for so-named “urban mosquito species.”

In accordance to Fonseca, the to start with phase in blocking mosquitoes from breeding in your backyard is to know your enemy.

The Culex Mosquito, which can transmit West Nile virus, lays very little rafts of eggs in drinking water that accumulates in destinations like recycling buckets and plant saucers.

“Remove the saucer, or transform it upside down, so there’s no accumulation of drinking water. Which is a big source of these city mosquitoes,” encouraged Fonseca.

Other species lay eggs on the sides of containers, in which they can lie dormant for months.

“The Yellow Fever mosquito, the Asian Tiger mosquito, not only do you have to have to vacant the container, you have to scrub the insides of the containers, mainly because that is in which the eggs are, if you want to reduce the likelihood that you’re going to have larvae establishing,” Fonseca claimed.

A further breeding floor lurks in these versatile rainwater diversion pipes.

“We discovered that every single 1 of these very little indentations in the corrugated aspect can have have hundreds of larvae, mostly the Asian Tiger Mosquito,” claimed Fonseca.

But, Fonseca states, that is quickly mounted.

“It’s not rocket science. Mosquito handle for these city mosquitoes that only lay eggs in artificial containers in our backyards is about getting rid of that kind of habitat,” she explained.

Fonseca states by generating constant, little initiatives, you can aid lower the likelihood of a huge difficulty.

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