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A garden sale will be well worth the effort and hard work of sorting, pricing and expending the day haggling with strangers if it is economically prosperous.

What is the best part of having a garage sale: Cleansing up your litter or turning it into funds?

A garden sale will be well worth the effort and hard work of sorting, pricing and expending the day haggling with strangers if it is economically prosperous.

“I am a business believer in ‘one person’s trash is a further person’s treasure,'” explained Christina Heiska, who operates Lawn Sale Queen (, a resource for prospective buyers and sellers.

A wonderful sale is difficult function, Heiska explained, but she’s prepared to share her tricks.

Promote greatly

“Check out to use lots of distinct means to advertise,” Heiska explained. Explain to your buddies and relatives about your sale. Put up on area garage sale Facebook teams in your space, and search for cost-free area on the internet classifieds to publish your advertisement. Promote in the newspaper.

“Getting great, durable, readable, eye-catching indications will support people come across your sale. Go small-tech and place up a flyer on any area group bulletin boards (like at the grocery retailer) that your group has,” she explained.

Allow essential?

“Verify with your area federal government or your owners affiliation to see if there are any garage sale limitations,” Heiska explained. There may possibly be service fees or strict directions on signage, and you can be fined if they are in violation of the garage sale ordinance.


Time of sale depends on what is common for your space. Revenue normally start at eight or 9 a.m., or previously if it is really specially very hot. Two-day product sales (Friday and Saturday) are frequent, Heiska explained.

Placing up

Getting tables to screen your treasures makes for a far better presentation of your products.

“Everything you can do to get your stuff off the ground is helpful. You can place a board involving two milk crates to make a small shelf. Check with your grocery retailer for banana containers, use the top as the foundation and place your products for sale in the box that is sitting down on top of the foundation,” Heiska explained.

“I attempt to organize my sale as if I’m functioning a mini office retailer housewares sections, sporting merchandise, youngsters area, and so forth. When I am at a sale and it seems to be like the vendor took some time to type and organize their stuff, I are likely to think that they ought to have taken great care of their stuff. If I open a box and see a lifeless mouse or anything, I will not be being lengthy at the sale.”

Stock up on plastic bags and newspaper to wrap breakables. A calculator will support with math (and will not need to have charging like your telephone does). Have starter income to be in a position to make change when your to start with consumer needs to acquire anything for 50 cents and he hands you a $10 bill, she explained. Have enough ones and fives to make change.


Buyers value and will acquire more if your products are priced, so it is really well worth the effort and hard work to price tag every little thing or as substantially as achievable, Heiska explained. Sort very similar products collectively and make indications: “All CDs $one,” “DVDs $three.”

“A basic rule of thumb is to price tag items about a quarter to a third of what anything expenditures when it is new, but once again, that differs. If you are not a common garden-sale shopper on your own, go to a handful of product sales just before you maintain your individual to see what some others in your space price tag items. People are on the lookout for bargains. If you have anything that is very valuable,” you will get a far better price tag marketing it elsewhere this kind of as eBay or consignment retailers, Heiska explained.

What sells best

“You just under no circumstances know what will sell at your sale, but I constantly say it is really best to have a selection of stuff that will attraction to large selection of people,” Heiska explained.

If it seems to be like your sale only has newborn baby outfits and vehicle seats, it will only appeal to a specified kind of consumer.

“A lot of consumers may possibly just do a ‘drive-by’ and maintain on driving if that is the only matter, just one variety of item at your sale,” she explained.

Merchandise that sell best are new stuff that has under no circumstances been made use of, classic stuff, daily products that people need to have to set up a new household (can openers, toasters, dishes), youngsters toys, youngsters outfits, vacation decorations, equipment and sporting merchandise, Heiska explained.


Preferably you can have a desk for the shopper to set down the products they are getting, Heiska explained.

“That provides you a possibility to tally up the price tag and wrap any breakables … I use a carpenter’s apron or fanny pack to maintain all the funds,” explained Heiska, who will not use a funds box simply because it is really also effortless to be stolen. “Indeed, regrettably it can occur,” she explained.

Soon after the sale

Discover out when area non-profit thrift retailers will accept donations, or come across an group this kind of as a church or scouting team that is having a sale a handful of months soon after yours and question if they are using donations, Heiska explained. Place a “cost-free suppress warn” putting up on Craigslist or Freecycle and place your leftovers at the end of your driveway with a “cost-free” indication. Or, have a cost-free pile at your garden sale and as the day goes on, maintain including to it.

Soon after the sale, take down all your indications.

Word of caution

“Sometimes negative people go to garden product sales on the lookout for means to rip off the vendor,” Heiska explained. Verify out for frequent frauds. “Know how to look at income for counterfeits. No special pen is wanted. Just maintain the bill up to the solar to see the vertical safety thread that operates by means of bigger expenditures. Security thread is only noticeable when held up to a light-weight.”

Anticipate the surprising

• A consumer may possibly question to use your rest room, and Heiska advises expressing no unless of course you know the man or woman. Be ready to issue people to a area public restroom. If it will make you more relaxed, “make up a little lie and tell them that your bathroom is performing up or anything,” Heiska explained.

• People may possibly want you to “maintain” anything when they go to the lender or home for additional funds. They may possibly or may possibly not appear again, so tell them you will maintain anything for only 30 minutes and then it goes again into the sale.

• “People will want to acquire stuff they see in your garage that is not for sale,” Heiska explained, so go over up your belongings with sheets.

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